Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 1 of Staycation Time

This week my husband is on vacation from his regular job, so we're using the time to do day trips and other fun things with our son.  I will say it's definitely different from vacations/staycations we've had in the past since my husband and I are currently in the process of separating/divorcing.  But, for the most part, we do get along, so it's not like time spent together is really awkward or anything.  Plus, we've both agreed to put our differences/issues aside for the sake of our son.  No need to make anything harder on him than it will already be once things are finalized.

Yesterday was a picture perfect day here in NY, so we took a trip up to the park on Glenmere Lake in the next town over from where we live.  I always forget that it's there, which is a shame since it's a GORGEOUS place to spend an afternoon :-)  For me, there's nothing more relaxing than being by the water.  After our beautiful and tasty waterfront picnic lunch (Got to love sandwiches from the Quaker Creek Store!!!), we headed home for a bit and then went bowling in Chester.  Well, EJ was a bit tired/cranky from the earlier events of the day, so bowling wasn't too huge of a success, despite him asking for weeks to go.  Since we had to take turns keeping EJ from running across everyone's lanes and going amok in the bowling alley, I completely forgot to take my camera out while we were there.  Oh well, there's always next time!!!

My main man - EJ!!!
Mommy & EJ enjoying our picnic lunch at the lake :-)  What more could I really ask for?

A gorgeous view

Clouds reflecting on the shimmering lake :-)  Wish I had my better/fancier camera for this shot!

Guess the chains are so that Yogi & Boo-Boo Bear don't run off with the pic-a-nic table - lol :-)

Lovin' the Dragonfly!!!  Again, wish I had my better camera for this shot.
Bye Bye Mommy!!!
"You should have seen the one that got away...He was this big...."

On our agenda for the remainder of the week we'll be off to Space Farms in Jersey, a pool playdate at a friend's house, and probably the Great American Weekend in Goshen.  Then, onto the following week, where the husband will be around once again.  He's already got plans for some "guy time" with EJ, which will be great for me.  As much as I adore and love my son, at least it will get them out of the house so I can clean/organize with no one underfoot and messing up what I did within less than an hour's time of my doing it...And, no, I'm not talking about my son, either!

Guess I should go and get my batteries charged and ready for tomorrow's adventures!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Left it on the floor......

As many of you may know by now, I started CrossFit back in May, which is a really amazing program that works on strength, stamina, endurance, power, speed, gymnastics, agility, and many other areas of fitness.  It's just so hard to describe, especially since I am such a newbie at it.  But, I'm telling you, my muscles feel it every day, and right now I'm only able to get there 2 mornings a week.  Looking forward to when it can be 3 days a week!  Even after doing it for such a short period of time, I can see how some people find it addicting.  Heck, the one guy there calls it his "play time" he enjoys it so much.  It's odd, since I'm not a morning person, I dread going there, am unmotivated, and still half asleep when I walk in the doors.  But, by the end of the workout, I'm in a better frame of mind, have more energy, and feel incredible overall :-)  And, yes, the aches and pains set in hours later and linger the next day, and sometimes even the day after that - LOL!!!  Although, I have left there a couple times with spaghetti legs and barely able to walk.  I hate when that happens.  It's not fun and everyone who sees me must think I'm drunk!  However, it is a sign that I made it through a particularly rough workout so I'll take it.  I know my technique is still raw and I've got a lot of work to do on it before I can progress further with some of the elements of the workouts.  Plus, my overall stability still needs to improve quite a bit, because it is messed up due to my Multiple Sclerosis, but I'll get better at it.  It'll just take time and hard work.  I'm ready and willing to give it my all.

Speaking of hard work, I think yesterday, Friday, was my best workout yet.  At least I felt that way at the end.  Over the years, especially in my 20s and early 30s before the MS set in, I'd take aerobics/step classes, belong to gyms where I'd use the nautilus machines, hike in the state parks, powerwalk along the boardwalk when I lived down the Jersey shore, even go out dancing on weekends back in my crazy single days.  Of course I'd work hard, get winded, and sweat up a storm.  Now, I've always said, I don't "glow" or "glisten" like some ladies...I SWEAT.  Well, at least I thought I did...I worked myself to the point where I was literally dripping huge drops of sweat on Friday...As my post title states...I left it on the floor...Droplets of my sweat splattered on the ground where I was working out...I don't remember that happening before, EVER...And, yes, I even had a towel with me while working out, but as soon as I'd wipe myself off, it just kept coming as I kept on going - lifting and swinging the 20-pound kettlebell, doing my push ups, pull ups, and other elements of my workout...Never giving up until my prescribed WOD (workout of the day) was COMPLETE...I've never felt so proud before knowing that I pushed myself further than I ever had.  I can only imagine what I'm capable of doing if I keep this up; and I'm super excited to find out!!!!

Oh, and by the way, at least my title wasn't "Left it ALL on the floor..." as that would indicate working out to the ultimate extreme of puking my guts out...And, yes, there is an official puke bucket at the gym just for that...For any of you that watch The Biggest Loser, you've seen some contestants pushed to that point...Yeah, with CrossFit you can and probably at one time or another will work and push yourself that hard...I know I've already gotten nauseous a few times already...Heck, there's even an exercise called a Pukie..That is one thing I'm soooo not looking forward to finding out what it is - LOL!!!!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Scared Mommy...I Scared...

I don't want to...I scared, Mommy

 My son, who will be 3 in September, is always saying that he's scared of this thing or that.  He's definitely on the cautious side, which is something I can personally relate to as I've always been that way.  But, being the encouraging mom that I am and wanting my son to grow up to not be afraid to take chances, whenever he comes to me and says he's scared about something, I'll acknowledge how he feels, but then tell him there's nothing to be scared of.  If it's something new he's trying, I tell him the worst that can happen is he'll try and not like it or maybe not succeed in doing it the first time and that's OK.  But, better than that, is he could really love it and have some fun!  Ultimately, in the end, at least he tried.  So, in May, I decided to take my own advice and lead by example when it came to trying something new that scared the heck out of me.  If I talked the talk, I better walk the walk.

About 6 or so months ago, I got a "Friend" request on Facebook from an area CrossFit gym.  I accepted the friend request because I had heard about the gym/owner a few years back at one of the Multiple Sclerosis walks I participated in.  Not only do they do CrossFit at the gym, but also a program of modified exercises for older people (aka SENIOR CITIZENS) or people like me with a disability who don't feel they can do regular gym-type workouts/exercise classes, which is what I think the owner was promoting at the MS Walk that day.  I proceeded to check out their Facebook page and watch the Crossfit promo video posted there, and I was VERY intrigued and my curiosity piqued to say the least. This then led to much YouTube video searching of CrossFit.  I admit it, I'm a research junkie - LOL!!!  The sort of exercises/activities that encompass CrossFit seemed really up my alley to let my "inner being" out or maybe I should say my "inner beast" - LOL.  But, this is INTENSE exercise for "elite athletes," and I'm 41 and have had Multiple Sclerosis for 9 years at this point (it'll be 10 this July) which includes really bad fatigue issues, stability/balance issues, and neuropathy in both my hands & feet.  But it was something that I just couldn't get out of my head.  So, I talked with 2 of my doctors - my physiatrist (I see her for my mobility/stability issues) and my neurologist (my overall MS care); and they both gave me their blessings/thumbs up to try it.  Part of me wasn't expecting them to agree so easily and quickly - LOL!!!  But, I had the "official" go ahead from the doctors; and the only thing stopping me at that point was ME and all my self doubts and fear.  Well, after some gentle prodding by the gym owner over the previous months, I decided I had to follow my own advice that I give my son and try it out first hand.  What's the worse that could happen..I'd fail?  I'd make an ass of myself in front of complete strangers?  Certainly not the first time for that one!!!  Of course, those times I've usually had a few drinks in me ;-)  I've now been going to CrossFit for about 6 weeks (only once, maybe twice a week right now, as I have no one to watch my son any other weekday mornings), and I am enjoying the heck out of it!!!  It's tough as hell, and I've never sweated so much in my life.  But, even in that short amount of time, I'm seeing results in me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Due to my MS issues, I'm definitely doing modified exercises/work outs, but I just keep doing my best each and every time I'm there and I keep on improving.  What more could I really ask for?  I know it'll take me a long time to "play with the big boys and girls" so to speak, but I know I CAN DO IT.  I just have to take it one squat, one modified push up, and whatever else is thrown at me at a time.  I will say this, for a "disabled old hag" I've definitely found a new lease on life :-)  And all it took was for me to lead by example in taking my own advice and wanting to be the best role model possible for my son :-)  Isn't that what being a mom is all about anyway?

Oh, and on a side note, today's workout was the toughest yet...There's a quote by Jillian Micheals "Unless you puke, faint, or die, KEEP GOING."  I'll be honest, doing those 15-pound kettlebell swings (all 115 of them in total) really made me want to puke by the end; but I kept on going when I wanted to quit so bad...I am proud of myself for accomplishing not only all those kettlebell swings, but EVERYTHING else that was thrown at me today, which was a lot!!!

Wow, I'm having fun now that I gave it a try!!!

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Recent Weekend

Yes, I know...I haven't been blogging like I said I would :-(  Many aspects of my life are in a period of transition right now that there are days I don't know which end is up.   A bit of stress and a few more gray hairs going on to say the least - lol!!! 

Other than baking, the second hobby I have that relaxes me is taking photos of the beauty I see around me -  basically a "point-and-shoot" kind of gal, as I've never taken a class on photography.  I just capture the little things in life that bring me joy and peace.  I hope you enjoy these that I took a weekend or two ago :-)

Wishing you peace, love, & happiness :-)
Krissy W.