Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Direction

For those of you who know me personally, you know what I've been dealing with this past year...With the stress of that whole situation and the uncertainty of my future, I've been pretty low key on here.  Guess I didn't want anything I posted to "bite me in the ass" in any way, shape, or form.  Well, I'm hoping to have a clearer picture of how things will look and turn out for me and EJ some time next week after the next 4-way lawyer meeting.  With that in mind, I'm thinking of changing the "content" of what I'll be posting on my blog.  I'm thinking it'll cover the daily/weekly ups and downs, triumphs and troubles of being a separated/single mom with a preschooler; learning how to cope with not having my son living here with me a couple nights each week (I'm dreading that and it makes me quite sad when I think about it); caring for a house I really don't want to be in until it can be put on the market and sold; handling my Multiple Sclerosis and getting my current relapse back under control; and how I can juggle all that while completely changing the direction of my "diet" to a much more whole/Paleo way of living, which is completely new to me.  Not biting off too much here, am I?!?!

So, I'll know more sometime later next week on when the next "big step" is being made in regards to my living situation.Once that is settled and done, my plan is to be a much more vigilant blogger :-)  Stay tuned!!!

Until then...
Wishing you peace, love, and happiness,
Krissy W

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melismama said...

Kris - you are a great mom, strong woman and can handle this. You have a strong family and friend unit around you. It will be rough at times missing EJ etc..but take that time to get back into what you love! We are here for ya!